Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Create war file in grails

The war command will create a Web Application Archive (WAR) file which can be deployed on any Java EE compliant application server

grails war
grails test war
grails -Dgrails.env=foo war


grails [environment]* war [arguments]*
  • nojars - Packages the WAR with no jar files. Used for shared deployment
Fired Events:
  • StatusFinal - When the WAR file has been created
The war command will create a web application archive (WAR) file using the application name and version number. By default a war file deployable to the production environment will be created, but the environment can be specified using Grails standard convention
    grails test war
    grails dev war
    grails prod war
    grails war /foo/bar/mywar.war
    grails war --nojars

    Always better to call
    grails clean
    The clean command will delete all compiled resources from the current Grails application. Since Groovy is a compiled language, as with Java, this is sometimes useful to clear old instances of classes out and ensure correct compilation

    Refer war

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